About us

Who we are

We are proud to be an independent, family-run business, committed to supply products for the capture and containment of waste and recyclables.

Our Mission

To be the most resourceful company in plastics, supplying products that help make the world cleaner, greener, and more economical.

Our Vision

To continue to…

• Supply products with the highest recycled content, that are recyclable, reusable, or compostable
• Minimise greenhouse gas emissions through efficient product design, packaging, and production
• Improve environmental credentials of operations and distribution
• Share knowledge and values with all our partners to promote resource efficiency

Our Values

• Quality – Consistently raising standards
• Integrity – Honest and ethical dealings with employees, customers, and suppliers
• Reliable – Committed to delivering our promises
• Environment – Consideration for the impact of our products and operations
• Innovation – Continuously improving performance and efficiency
• Family – Extending our family values to business partners and communities