About Us

Cromwell Polythene warehouse
Structured divisionally, better to meet the specialist needs of the markets that we serve,
Cromwell Polythene is committed to supplying fit for purpose products with the lowest environmental impact for a net ecological gain.

We work closely with our customers – local authorities and waste management companies, cleaning and janitorial distributors, clinical waste professionals within the healthcare sector, the automotive maintenance and repair industry, horticulture, paint and chemical manufacturers, raw material and food ingredient suppliers, leisure parks, pet cemeteries and crematoria and builders’ merchants – so that they can make informed decisions on the most appropriate products for their needs.

While the widest choice of competitively priced products remains a key commercial driver, we are equally committed to ensuring that that they are developed on sound environmental principles and actively promote ‘closed loop’ strategies that encourage the return of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics, board and other materials to the production cycle for re-processing.

Our over-riding belief is that a reasonable profit, which is the lifeblood of all companies if they are to endure and which is no less important to Cromwell Polythene, will be best achieved if our main priority is the welfare, development and reward of our employees. By making their well-being our prime focus we believe that our second priority – the provision of best value to our customers through the supply and delivery of products with a level of service that meets or exceeds their expectations – will be better achieved. Ultimately, of course, we expect to make a reasonable return on our investment and are confident that this will directly reflect how well we have performed in those two key areas.

For additional information regarding our commitment and responsibility towards the recycling of waste materials, please view our environmental policy.