Customer Charter

Cromwell customer charter
Our relationship with our customers, as with all Cromwell Polythene’s stakeholders, is founded both on moral, as well as legal principles. Expressed simply, we undertake to supply best value products that are fit for purpose across all the main industry sectors that we serve – local authority, recycling and waste management, healthcare services, janitorial and frameworks.


Cromwell Polythene products use the latest production methods and material technology to achieve maximum performance from minimum resource. This containment of our carbon footprint is achieved by working closely with our material suppliers, through the use of recycled plastics and by developing superior product specifications – including high content recycled material – without compromising quality.
We encourage the recovery and recycling of industrial plastic packaging waste, returning used material to the production cycle through the company’s closed loop schemes.

Quality Control

Our Enterprise Resource Planning system, Microsoft AX Dynamics, aids a tight QA regime from detailed product and packing specifications, accurate cross referencing of customer order details, incorporating pallet identification and location functionality, which records all pallet movements through the warehouse.

Products are identified by stock codes and each production batch has a unique batch reference number displayed on the outer packaging carton, together with production codes identifying operator, machine number and shift. On presentation of the information detailed on the outer packaging, we are able to track specific items back through production to the raw material used.


We comply with a number of widely recognised and respected accreditation and industry bodies on various aspects of our business:

  • Quality and business standards ISO9001:2000
  • ELAS – Health and safety legislation
  • PAFA – Packaging technology consultation and legislation
  • CHSA – Plastic refuse sack standard certification, janitorial sector legislation compliance and quality standard
  • SMDSA – Healthcare services legislation compliance
  • CIWM – Waste management legislation and compliance
  • VCA Dangerous Goods Office – Product development technology, accreditation and compliance
  • PIRA – Product development and testing
  • West Yorkshire Testing House – Product development and testing


We are committed to delivering a high quality service to our customers, believing that the cornerstone of a successful business relationship lies in an honest and open interchange between both parties.

Publication of our Customer Charter provides the framework for such a relationship, although we recognise that ultimately, it is the day-to-day fulfilment of the pledges made within the Charter that underpin the company’s service ethos.

Our normal office hours are 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. For service issues outside of these times customers should email We undertake to respond to any customer concern by the next working day.

We provide a dedicated team for each industry sector that we serve in order to provide a knowledgeable and efficient response to all enquiries.

Our customers can expect close to 100% stock availability and rapid stock response to emergency requirements delivered to any location.

We are committed to the continuous upgrading and development of business systems.

We will maintain a dedicated central distribution facility so that we can be more efficient and effective, loading daily to all parts of the UK and Ireland.

Ethical Trading

Cromwell Polythene’s concern for the welfare of those involved in the manufacture and supply of its products extends to its production partners, who are required to sign up to a code of labour practice that address such issues as safe and hygienic working conditions, remuneration, working hours, a ban on the recruitment of child labour, health and safety and the right to join free trade unions.