Cromwell launches Black Sack Friday

black sack being held up
Black Sack Friday
Specialist waste management sack supplier Cromwell Polythene has come up with a novel twist on ‘Black Friday’, the American shopping event that takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving each year and which has provided a massive boost to retail sales since its UK introduction in 2010.

To coincide with this year’s event on 25 November the Leeds-based company is launching ‘Black Sack Friday’, when a wide selection of its best-selling black sacks will go on sale at pre-Brexit prices or less.

“It’s no secret that the steep decline in the pound’s value since the referendum has had a significant impact on all imports or that many waste management and recycling sacks are manufactured overseas,” says James Lee, Cromwell Polythene’s managing director.

“Black Friday has become a major shopping day in the UK since its export from the other side of the Atlantic, with research showing that 83 per cent of people here are familiar with the term. Black Sack Friday, which is Cromwell’s take on the event, is our way of mitigating the impact of currency fluctuations by discounting some of our prices and giving customers some real bargains.”