Environmental Policy

Environmental policy
Cromwell Polythene Limited is committed to the delivery of high quality products and services throughout all aspects of our business. This includes environmental protection, which we consider an integral part of our operations. We are constantly working towards reducing the environmental impacts arising from our business and to ensure that we operate in an environmentally sound and responsible manner.

We regard Government legislation and the company policy as minimum standards, which should be improved upon wherever it is reasonable to do so.

We recognise that we have a duty of care to protect and enhance the environment and to reduce any negative environmental impacts as far as is reasonably practicable. The company will address these points through a positive policy on health and safety in the workplace, the control of waste arising from site operations, recovery and recycling of waste materials where appropriate and a sensible approach with regard to the sourcing, storage, distribution and transport of our products.

We accept that we have a duty of care as producers of waste to ensure that those acting on our behalf for waste disposal are competent to do so, will discharge their duties correctly and are able to prove this by means of appropriate documentation. We will ensure that we comply with the relevant existing waste legislation.

The company has adopted a policy to ensure that it recycles waste whenever it is reasonable and practicable to do so and is constantly reviewing and monitoring its achievements to improve on current levels. In addition, the company complies with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 1997 (as amended) and supports its aim to reduce the amount of packaging going to landfill by recycling a proportion of packaging waste that we handle.

The company encourages its suppliers and customers to adopt the best possible environmental practices.

In adopting this policy Cromwell Polythene commits to the provision of sufficient resources to meet the targets and objectives of the environmental policy. In promoting this policy to employees, the company seeks to encourage a full sense of shared responsibility for the protection of the environment.