New formula Sansafe®

Biomaster logoCromwell Polythene is re-launching its Sansafe® hygienic bin liners, with a new formula, using recycled, rather than virgin material, as well as a more powerful scent additive. The liners are tested to ISO22196, offering antimicrobial protection to hygienic liners for sanitary and medical disposal services, waste management and janitorial sectors.

Manufactured with Biomaster® anti-microbial technology, the biocide is added during the film extrusion process, ensuring the bags provide secure round-the-clock protection against harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Staph.aureus, while a powerful Scentmaster® pine tree fragrance helps mask unpleasant odours, both inside and outside the liners. By using Sansafe® liners the need to use a separate anti-microbial/bacterial product may be eliminated in most situations, saving operatives time and cost.

Measuring a generous 615mm x 590mm, the liners fit most 30-35 litre bins, while the white opaque film helps obscure the contents for discreet removal. The liners are packed in rolls of 25, 10 rolls per carton, with a guaranteed net box weight of 2.86kg.

“The new formula builds on the success we have enjoyed over the two years since we introduced the original Sansafe® liners,” says Cromwell’s managing director James Lee. “This enhanced product provides superior product performance, while still representing a competitively priced alternative.”