CHSA Approved

The Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association (CHSA), which represents more than 200 manufacturers and distributors across the UK, fulfils a vital role within the supply chain in raising – and maintaining – industry standards. Its Manufacturing Standard Accreditation Scheme for plastic refuse sacks, for example, requires accredited members such as Cromwell Polythene to label their products so that the end user can buy with confidence by making an informed choice.

The presence of the CHSA marque on a box of Cromwell refuse sacks gives end users the assurance that they are getting what they paid for. In other words: “what’s on the box is in the box.” Labels feature key dimensional information such as length, width, minimum net weight and the number of sacks in the pack, while a “fit for purpose” scale, which differentiates between light, medium, heavy and extra heavy duty sacks, helps users purchase the most appropriate product for their needs. Sacks are regularly tested using the procedure set out in British Standard 6642 to ensure they will not burst with the loads set out in the Standard.

Further confidence is provided by the way the CHSA scheme is administered. Only suppliers who have been independently assessed to ensure that they can consistently manufacture to the Standard are allowed to use the registered scheme logo. Like other CHSA members, Cromwell products are also regularly monitored for compliance by an independent inspector and the Scheme is underpinned by regulations, which include a disciplinary process for non-compliance.

Cromwell Polythene’s quality control video

All CHSA members agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Practice. This ensures that they operate in a professional, ethical and quality manner ensuring that you can buy their products with total confidence.