Ecopond compostable bags
Cromwell Polythene is the sole distributor for compostable bags made from Ecopond® biodegradable resin among local authorities and the waste management sector in the UK.

Available in a wide range of sizes, these biodegradable bags for the collection of kitchen and garden waste are manufactured from starch or lactide acid-based derivatives of plant sources and meet the stringent requirements of the European composting standard, requiring more than 90% of the plastic mass to be converted into biomass, CO2 and water, without harmful residue.

The Ecopond® range is made from a fully formulated bio-plastic, based on polyesters of Polylactide Acid (PLA) and other proprietary ingredients, derived from vegetable material. Sacks fully decompose within the normal 6-10 week composting cycle and are accredited to meet the stringent composting standard EN13432.

Ecopond® is manufactured by Kingfa, Asia’s largest producer of modified plastics, with a product portfolio competing with the world. Kingfa is also a major investor in R&D, with more than 100 plastics experts, including over 40 PhD degree holders and two material specialists, who have received the state council special allowance. Kingfa established an innovative platform with the national technical centre, including the Academician Programme, Post-Doctoral workstation, National Laboratory, National Plastics modification and processing engineering centre, as well as the first UL LTTA CTDP Lab in Great China.

In 2001, Kingfa was certified by the German Rhine Company, for ISO 9001:2000. In 2006, the company was awarded TS 16949 quality approval in automobiles. The company was also awarded ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 vocational health and safety system by building a garden-like factory and creating a “wholesome working environment” for its employees.

Kingfa remains committed to the development and application of environmentally friendly plastics, providing a series of PCM (Post Consumer Material) and Ecopond® bio-degradable material to global customers dedicated to global environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.