Cromwell’s ensa® range of refuse sacks are tested to EN standards and were developed with our key production partners following standards already set by major European retailers. The range meets customer demand for a fit for purpose product, which guarantees performance across a range of design weights.

Available in 8, 12 and 18 kg specifications, ensa® refuse sacks are sold alongside our CHSA approved products, providing professionals in the cleaning and janitorial sector and the waste management industry with greater flexibility, both in performance and cost. Between the two ranges we offer a greater number of price points and a wider choice of optimum performance levels.

Featuring Cromwell’s unique product markings – ‘Standard’ (8 kg), ‘Professional’ (12 kg) and ‘Master’ (18 kg) – ensa® products undergo similar testing procedures to the CHSA approved range, with the added benefit that they are also subjected to opacity and leak tests and are already the preferred quality standard of some local councils,

Packed loose in boxes of 200, ensa® sacks are manufactured from low density polyethylene and are available in 39 inch lengths and four thicknesses.