Lowcost - saving CO2 emissions
Exclusive to Cromwell Polythene, our LOWCO2T® range employs the very latest technology to produce lighter weight materials without any loss of performance – all at lower cost.

The range is the culmination of a lengthy programme of laboratory and field tests, which use the latest manufacturing technology, recycled blends and modern polymers. By reducing the weight of the bags, substantial savings in CO2 and other emissions can be made throughout the supply chain and the products’ lifecycle – from production to consumer and eventual landfill.

Among the many benefits of LOWCO2T® products are less material used in the manufacturing process, thereby maximising raw material resources and minimising power consumption; fewer vehicle journeys during distribution; typically, up to 40 per cent less weight and volume to landfill, compared to conventional bags; and a reduction in CO2 and other particulate emissions throughout the supply chain.

Cromwell has been among the leading protagonists of ‘closed loop’ recycling, having used recovered waste packaging in the production of its own recycled black refuse sacks for many years. During this time we have pioneered the need for increased performance from polymers at lower gauges to reduce the amount of plastic used.

The LOWCO2T® initiative brings all that development work together, enabling us to engineer a range of products that incorporate a higher percentage of recycled film and provide a robust challenge to sacks made from conventional virgin polythene. For every tonne of plastic that is recycled, there is a 1.5 tonne saving in CO2.

In addition to recycling and waste management applications, the LOWCO2T® banner has been applied to the company’s range of disposable aprons, gloves, laundry bags and other products for the cleaning and janitorial, healthcare and automotive markets.