Kerbside recycling bags

Kerbie™ Kerbside recycling bags

Kerbside recycling bagsCromwell’s Kerbie™ range of kerbside recycling sacks is tailor-made for the collection of dry recyclables, such as plastic, paper, glass bottles and jars, cans and cardboard. The sacks are of varying capacities, typically in the range 50 to 90 litres, depending on the requirement, are colour coded in line with common industry practice and designed to be used many times over.

Easy to store and distribute, Kerbie™ sacks are UV resistant and manufactured from recyclable 100% woven polypropylene, making them tough and durable. Bags are available coated or uncoated*, come with a weighted base option to ensure that they stay put and are fitted with two strap handles and a tipping strap for easier handling. Also an option, a clear, re-sealable document pouch can be sewn in or incorporated – useful, for example, to contain printed material to promote recycling schemes, details of what should be placed in the bag for collection, waste and recycling calendars and other council communication..

A generic recycling message, printed on both sides, is standard, although Kerbie™ sacks may also be custom printed in up to two colours.

*stock bags below are made from uncoated fabric.
PP4545G 90 litre green bag. Suitable for the storage and collection of garden waste or dry recyclables.

PP3545BLV 55 litre blue bag with a Velcro fastening top, ideal for the storage and collection of newspapers and magazines, or other dry recyclables.

PP4545BRV 90 litre brown bag with Velcro fastening top, also used for the collection of green waste.

PP4590BK 180 litre black bag, which is seagull/vermin resistant due to its heavy duty fabric construction and Velcro fastening top. The bag is equipped with a tie strap to secure it to fixed objects.

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