Belfast City Council have been purchasing both paper and polythene sacks from Cromwell for more than ten years now and have always provided us with high quality products and consistency with every order, along with great and reliable service at affordable prices.

Tom Rocks, Belfast City Council

Nottingham City Council have been working in partnership with Cromwell polythene for 5 years. Cromwell supply NCC 7 different types of plastic bags, they hold the stock we request and we know the delivery, Quality is to a high standard.

Ivan Riley, Woodfield Industries

Biogen is extremely pleased to be working with Peterborough City Council in their bid to increase the amount of food waste that’s recycled. By switching to a lightweight plastic liner, the council is able to supply kitchen caddy bags to households, encouraging even more people to use the service.

Once food waste is delivered to our recycling facility, we remove the liners with ease, using advanced separation equipment, before turning the waste into renewable energy and high-quality agricultural fertiliser. The lightweight liners are run through our de-bagging equipment perfectly and in the 6 months we have been using them we have not experienced any problems at all. We encourage all local councils to adopt the use of plastic liners, to boost their recycling levels.

Iain Pickles, Biogen

Cromwell looks after their customers, and the range and quality of their products is outstanding. We have just received of our first Compostable bag delivery, which will make the recycling of our compostable food waste easy and practical. This allows council to progress further towards meeting its waste reduction targets, and reaffirms our commitment to improving the quality of our local environment.

Cromwell were extremely accommodating in providing an urgent stock supply of these bags. Excellent customer service, quality goods and speedy delivery-complete win/win.

Julie Hannaway, Derry City & Strabane District Council

We buy 90 litre blue opaque Sacks from Cromwell Polythene. We use these in some of our smaller towns and villages whereby some properties have limited or no garden space to accommodate a wheelie bin. – the blue sacks are a great alternative. Cromwell always provide us with high quality and consistency with every order, along with a great reliable service.

Katrina Clark, Aberdeenshire council

The council’s experience, using Cromwell’s five-litre compostable bags in our domestic food waste scheme, reassured us when we selected the 35-litre counterpart… the bags are performing really well.

Talat Afzal, Bury Metropolitan Council

The decision to provide compostable liners free of charge to residents has greatly contributed to the success of the scheme … the liners assist in keeping odours to a minimum, ensure food waste collection is as easy and convenient as possible for householders as well as making the prices of emptying the caddy into the larger bin as clean as possible.

Debbie Mansell, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
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